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Teacher Features

Check out these special features written by our teachers.  They may be instructive or just informative in nature.  These features are updated regularly so come back often to read your favorite articles.

Charlie's Tech Tips

Guitar Strings - What You Should Know

How To String A Steel String Guitar

Mark Walsh's Jazz Cafe

Discussions Of Jazz

Recording Tips

Licks Tips And Musical Examples

More Jazz History

Post Bop

The Modern Era

Joe Triglia's Notes To You

Stayin' Alive - The Independent Music Store in the 21st Century

Do Your Ears Have "Tunnel Vision"?

Music Lessons - Guitar Or Bass?

Your Child's First Guitar  - "What To Do?"

Bill's Bottom Line

Diversify, Listen And Learn

Wear Different Clothes!

The Business Part Of The Music Business

Steve Speaks

Playing The Trumpet Is No More Difficult Than You Make It

Instruments Of The World

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