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Everyday use of your instrument may leave it in need of some special love and attention;  or maybe you would like to get that instrument you found in the attic back in playing shape.  Have no fear, Fretz Music Center is here to help.  A dent in your trumpet, a complete repad of your flute or a high fret on your guitar can be fixed quickly by our top-notch instrument technicians.  And now we have an excellent Violin/Viola and bow repairman! Bring your instrument by today for a no-charge estimate. We usually have a very quick "turn-around" time, however, September and October are extremely busy for band and orchestra instrument repairs. We recommend, for the fastest service, not to wait until then for your annual "check-up". All repairs are done on a "first-come, first served" basis

Band Instruments


General Playing Condition

This service involves getting the instrument playing at the least cost possible by replacing only necessary parts. Price is quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Complete Repad and Adjust

This service involves complete disassembly of the instrument with general cleaning. The instrument is reassembled with all new pads and key corks (neck cork on Saxophones, tenon corks on Clarinets, Oboes etc. and head cork on Flutes, as necessary), weak or broken springs replaced as well as bent keys, rods and posts straightened and all moving parts lubricated. The instrument is then completely adjusted for perfect playing. There will be an additional charge for missing or broken parts. There is also an additional charge for professional model instruments.

Complete Repad and Adjust with Polish

Recommended for silver instruments and keys. Includes all of the above as well as high gloss polishing of keys or body.


Basic Service

Clean and chemically flush all tubing, clean and lube all slides and valves, replace necessary water key corks and remove minor bell dents.

Other Services

These services include: Major Dent Removal, Regrinding Valves, Resoldering/Replacing Braces, Replacing Lead Pipe/Mouthpiece Receiver and Spot Lacquering.

Guitars and Basses

10 Point Re-String Service

This popular service includes:

  1. Remove Old Strings
  2. Inspect Instrument Body, Nut and Saddle
  3. Polish Frets
  4. Clean Fingerboard
  5. Apply Fingerboard Oil (Except Maple Fingerboards)
  6. Check, Lube and Adjust Tuning Machines
  7. Install New Strings
  8. Tune Instrument
  9. Check Intonation
  10. Polish Instrument

There is a small additional fee for 12-string guitars and mandolins.


Set-ups require a new set of strings be installed first. This service includes the above Re-String Service, as well as Truss Rod adjustment, nut and saddle height adjustment, intonation corrected and action adjusted for optimum playability. There is an additional charge for electric guitars with "Floyd Rose" style tailpieces.

Orchestral String Instruments

Fretz Music now offers quality repairs for Violins and Violas, including bow rehair and repair. We can do complete repairs on your instrument or bow whether it's student model or a Stradivarius!!


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