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Fretz Music Center

Opened in 1955, Fretz Music serves students, teachers and professional performers with fine instruments, quality accessories and inspiring printed music in a "hometown" family atmosphere. Whether it's a hard to find piece of sheet music, some repairs on your band instrument, your first guitar, or lessons on how to play, we have the answers to your questions. Our knowledgeable sales staff and our talented teaching staff are here to serve you.




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NEW! Now you can set up your School Instrument Rental online. Click the above banner, fill out the form and choose to pick up the instrument in our store or have it sent directly to your home! Save yourself loads of time. As you know, we offer only the top brand, Music Educator Approved instruments at very reasonable rates! Need more info, click here to get to our Rentals page.


Study with the best teachers in the area! - Call and sign up now!

What's New At Fretz Music?

Washburn Electric - Acoustic Guitars, Banjos, Dobros and Mandolins!

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Washburn is a name that has been around since 1883! Featuring the finest in stringed instruments with models from entry level all the way up to pro. Stop by soon and check them out for yourself or click here for a quick look at our current inventory. And check out the compay website here for more info!

Fretz Music Center is named a Hal Leonard Preferred Retailer!

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Now the entire Hal Leonard Music Catalog is available online for purchase or delivery to our store for pickup. Just click the shopping cart picture before shopping to insure Fretz Music is your "preferred" retailer.


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